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Default I just played a shitload of files while bored

Meridian Dance - holy fuck this file is shit

Incarnation of devil live version - file has no flow at all. rubbish

The vultures fly high - lol what

acid rain - i couldnt finish its too good

history of the moon - the fuck is this

dynamite - cool to gay in 0 secs

Afterimage - goes on too long

Thermosphere - thermosphere

Madness - i failed the song lmao

Badlands - meh

Oracle - literally a gay file

Biaxadent - lmfao

Battle 5 - lmfao

Abomination street - lmfao jurs' face

Calling an awakening memory - hmm this file is kinda good

erics permobil - i didnt step this why is it in this folder

Lake side - uh this owns fuck

Power Plant - eh

Flower Awaken - p good file

Momiji ranbu - this is really dumb

Rolling rose - a file that is bad

We're gonna do it - FUCKING GOOD FILE

Variocana - p good file

Bedtime story - man i was really dumb

Schroedinger's cat - man i was really dumb


Motion - making this was like a waste of 6 hours of my life or somethin

zeta - i guess this file is good

King of the sea - holy fucking shit

French Merchen - uh no one will ever make a file as good as this ever again

incarnation of devil - what happens when you try to step a bad song

deep magenta - srsly this file owns and yo'ur'e dumb

Penny - the first and still one of da best jack theory files

Hora De Urdad - this is really dumb

Clock Tower Stage - Um...... amy stepped tjhis file

Battle with saruin - amys good at steppin

Night and Day - roiughly half of this file is good

hiai no jubaku - why

dusk's holy mark - apparently this file is good

magun - uh the ending is the best part in any file in the world

visitor - the best jack theory file bye

dark chancellor's eternal space dynasty - no one even has this file except kommisar lmfao

false merchen - owns except for the repetitive parts

marine drive - a really bad file

otafu castle - a really good file

banbutsu kairaku riron - owns but middle part is real gay

shudder - one of the worst files in the world

A - wow this is better than everyone else's Gay A tbh

absolute - file owns

ACT - im really gay

cynic - first minifreezes in da world

G2 - nothing in this file matters except da bass solo

Leading Cyber - owns

Manhattan Sports Club - literally bad shit

Oi Punk - wow

one more lovely - one less lovely simfile one more rly shitty one

sakuranbo kiss - rofl

seniorita - im literally a genius

shining collection - this song is literally about gay anime homosexuals fuckin each other or something

snow - mine is better than gay poopdicker iamme's lmfao

summer vacation - uh


summary: there like 5 good files here tops lmao bye
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You managed to go through and pick out like the worst files in the packs.

Then again everyone sucks at stepping so it's not hard to do such a thing.
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how's your snes remixes going
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