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Default Solord State Squad Pack (6key stepmania)

^Click the banner to download

This pack has been in the works for about 3 years, and finally things have fallen in place for a release.

This is a fully charted solo pack, which uses 6keys. There are difficulties for every level of play, even if you're completely new at the style. 12 songs are included:

Kommisar - Bananas
Yura Hatsuki - Carmilla
Nekomata Master - Far East Nightbird
Fighter X - Flare
Ayu - Hands of Doom
IOSYS - Hysteric Soda
Chibi-Tech - Into the Sky
SHE - Musicmaker RX
Fright Ranger - Oh! Oh! Oh! Sexy Vampire
Tsukasa - Schwarz
Sabrepulse - Tageri
zts - lastendconductor [Extra]

Here is a trailer for the pack as well as a play through:

There are other solo packs available for beginners. Here are a few packs that are fully charted from light to expert:

Patashu Solo Beginner Pack

Xiao's Solo Beginner Pack

Xiao's Solo Beginner Pack II

Xiao's Solo Beginner Pack III

Solo Monogatari

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Sick sick sick (need more solo packs)
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