Remember Me

  • Q: Who's behind KBO?
    A: Lots of people! KBO is driven primarily by user contribution. CosmoVibe and bLast are the heads of KeyBeat at the moment, but check the credits to see all the people who are involved.

  • Q: Can you upload [song/chart]?
    A: Yes -- if it's accepted. All songs/charts must go through a submission process. There must be a valid permission to use a song on our site so make sure we have it before making a file. Submit your files here.

  • Q: I see that my song is used in the game but I never gave permission.
    A: Artists always have full control over their work. Should you wish to see your music removed from the game, just send one of the administrators a message and it will be removed as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

  • Q: I think there is an issue with one of the charts in the game.
    A: Let us hear it! If you have any comments or concerns about a chart in particular, you can go to the levels discussion board. We are constantly reading what the players write in order to figure out how to improve charts for the future.

  • Q: Where can I find a custom noteskin? How can I make my own?
    A: There is a custom noteskin board on the forums that contains not only information on how to create your own noteskin, but to try out the custom noteskins that other users have created.

  • Q: Can you add more [music genre] to the game?
    A: Yes, but first there must be a chart made for those songs. There are many reasons why we might lack a particular genre of music in our library. It might be because few artists of that genre let us use their music, or few people choose to make charts for that genre. However, we do try our very best to try to make our library as diverse as possible.

  • Q: I gave KBO permission to use my music a while ago. How come I haven't seen my music in the game yet?
    A: When a person requests your permission to use your music, they need to submit a corresponding chart for that music which must go through a judging process. The chart of your music may still be in the judging process, or may have been rejected. Contact CosmoVibe if you have questions about the current status of your song/chart.

  • Q: The game animation is choppy and laggy. Is there a way to fix it?
    A: Playing the game from outside your browser should solve the problem in most cases. If that's still not enough, try using Gamebooster here.

  • Q: My keyboard won't let me hit 6 keys at the same time. What do I do?
    A: Try using different key configurations, such as ZXC M,. or QWE IOP. Everyone's keyboard is different, but if you try enough different combinations you should eventually find one that works. If you need more in-depth information, check out this thread.